EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Coordinator of Church Relations

Position Title:​ Coordinator of Church Relations

Team:​ Advancement Team

Responsible To:​​ Director of Advancement/Fundraising

Please send resume to Chad Salle at csalle@tpapc.com or Rachel Leonard at rleonard@tpapc.com.

Position Summary:

To serve as the Coordinator for Church Relations. Reporting to the Director of Advancement/Fundraising for the Pregnancy Support Center.  Serving and working alongside this leader and the team in all aspects of Advancement and Fundraising. Including all events, mailings, leading volunteers and other endeavors related to advancement and fundraising.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Team Leadership

a. Has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Is a consistent witness for Jesus Christ, maintains a courteous, Christ-like attitude in dealing with people within and outside of the PSC. Faithfully upholds the ministry in prayer.
b. Lead and develop servant volunteers.
c. Schedule and plan for regularly scheduled meetings with teams.
d. Recruiting for team when needed.
e. Meet with team leader on a regular basis.
f. Attend other meetings as needed.
2. Day-to-Day Operations
a. Coordinate needed budget needs for events, mailings, etc.
b. Collaborate, as needed, with Client Services and other teams.
c. Schedule staff and servant volunteers for events, mailings, etc.
d. Maintain calendar for Donor Development and Fundraising insure all needs are met.  Working in coordination with overall “Big Picture” calendar for organization.
e. Coordinate purchasing, menu planning, etc. for all events.  Serving with others on the team in the planning and preparation.
f. Coordinate needed resources for all events, mailings.  Working in conjunction with others on the team.

3. Church Relations 

a. Work with Advancement team on church relations.  
b. Setting goals with the team for providing opportunities to engage with churches to share the good news about the Pregnancy Support Center.
c. Working with team on ways for churches to partner with the Pregnancy Support Center.
d. Making presentations, as needed.
e. Set and meet achievable goals each quarter and submit reports monthly reports to Team Leader.
4. Other Responsibilities
a. Work well with others on Team Pregnancy Support Center.
b. Responsible for selfdevelopment and taking care of self.
c. Embrace Matthew 18
d. Neat appearance and pleasant attitude
e. Pregnancy Support Center is a non-smoking facility
f. Maintain a high standard of morals and Christian behavior.
g. All other duties as assigned.
5. Position Qualifications
a. Two-four years of relevant ministry experience.
b. College degree or secondary experience in a related area.
c. High energy.
d. Creative.
e. Strong organizational and administrative skills.
f. Embracing Team Values.  (See Attached)
g. Full-time position, with benefits.
h. Flexibility, when needed with weekend and evening events.