Kathy’s New Year Message

Welcome to the New Year! If you are like me, you welcome the freshness of a new calendar year. A new year allows me to get a new calendar started. It allows me to consider my blessings from the previous … Continued

November Message from our CEO

Thanksgiving is an excellent time to reflect and consider what we are thankful for. I’m thankful for my family and all that they mean to me—their love and a safe place to grow and flourish. I am thankful for the staff … Continued

October Message from our CEO

Happy Fall to everyone! As we move forward into Fall you are likely enjoying the changing colors of the trees, as I am! Beautiful for sure—and a reminder of God’s gracious plan for those of us who call Ohio home. His … Continued

Debra’s May message

Over the past couple of weeks, some of our team members and I have traveled to different locations including southern Ohio; Jackson, Mississippi; Charlotte, NC—as well as their surrounding areas.In each location, we discovered pregnancy centers providing services to clientele similar to our own. There are many across the nation! I’m requesting that when you lift up our staff and … Continued

Debra’s February Message

As we wind up the month of February, “Heart Month,” I’m reminded of all the young beating hearts you’ve saved. I think of you with each precious little one I have the honor of holding in my arms—like little Monte pictured … Continued