Paula’s January Message

In my new position here, I’m quickly learning to expect God to do big things in the lives of our clients. Each day, we’re blessed with story after story of the life-saving, life-changing work that you make possible with your support. Let me share with you one such story of the … Continued

Lessons from Losing

Like you, I was deeply saddened by the outcome of Ohio’s Issue 1 on November 7. The disregard for human life that has permeated our culture is almost incomprehensible. As we regroup—reminding ourselves that the battle is the Lord’s—I share … Continued

So many ways to get involved!

This has been a busy summer, both personally and in the life of the ministry! First, thank you for all of the many ways you serve and support this ministry that we GET to do together! Whether you are a donor, … Continued

More Than Conquerors

Please click on the link below to access More Than Conquerors: Six Weeks of Prayer for Ohio, the Unborn and Women: More+Than+Conquerors+Prayer+Devotional

Kathy’s May Message

If your Spring is like mine you are grateful for the longer days! There is a lot happening…both in ministry and life. Life is busy at our house! Have you been on the local ball fields? Steve and I have … Continued

Kathy’s April Message

Friends, coming off of Holy Week and Easter, I’m still enjoying an incredible well-being and I trust that you are too! Such a poignant reminder of HIS presence. You are also one of the reasons that I’m reminded of HIS … Continued

Kathy’s March Message

Spring is in our midst. We see it in the longer days—more sun—and the eruption of crocuses, daffodils and tulips.  We see it as the 40 days before Easter begins with Ash Wednesday, and we know that we will soon … Continued

Kathy’s February Message

In February, our thoughts and minds think of Valentine’s Day. What does this mean for you? God’s love is for you. HE shows us this unconditionally, abundantly and with only the fullness that HE can when we first decide to … Continued

Kathy’s New Year Message

Welcome to the New Year! If you are like me, you welcome the freshness of a new calendar year. A new year allows me to get a new calendar started. It allows me to consider my blessings from the previous … Continued