Debra’s February Message

As we wind up the month of February, “Heart Month,” I’m reminded of all the young beating hearts you’ve saved. I think of you with each precious little one I have the honor of holding in my arms—like little Monte pictured here. The work you are accomplishing through your generosity and prayer is immeasurable.

Let’s keep it going and growing in 2022! Please consider clicking on the links above in our Wish List section and/or the link below to give financially. We are so appreciative of any amount you feel led to give. I also thank you for the time you so generously commit to prayer.

If you’d like to know how to pray more specifically for our ministry—as well as join in on the many praise reports—please consider becoming a member of our prayer team. Simply text the word EVA to 330-382-3608. You’ll receive several short texts each week that include prayer requests, alerts and praise reports directly from our front line ministry workers as women are making decisions for LIFE each day.

Thank you again— from the bottom of our HEARTS!