So many ways to get involved!

This has been a busy summer, both personally and in the life of the ministry!

First, thank you for all of the many ways you serve and support this ministry that we GET to do together! Whether you are a donor, volunteer, staff person or board member, YOU are important to what happens in this faith-based, non-profit ministry that has been in existence for nearly 40 years!

Thank you for your continued prayers of support for the ministry. Your prayers are essential! I also want to extend to each of you, to let me know how I can pray for you.

Lives continue to be impacted because of YOU. As you know, our services are always free to our clients and patients. However, the supplies and services are not free to us. We do our best to maintain costs and invite donations to help supplement the overhead needs like supplies and gas cards that we provide to our clients and patients.

At this time we are in great need of the following:

What: Financial donations to purchase gas cards.
Why: We provide $5 gas cards as incentives to our clients. Clients are awarded these for taking classes and coming for their one-on-one meetings with advocates. Many clients struggle with using their precious commodity of gas to meet these appointments and classes.  These gas cards are purchased in bulk by TPPC and can only be used for gas.

How to Donate: Click on the link below:

Provide a gas card

What: Size 5 diapers are especially needed and other sizes as well; and all sizes of pull-ups.
Why: We go through a lot of diapers and pull-ups.
How to Donate: Click on the link below:

Wish List
Ways to volunteer:

  1. Churches/small groups and classes can sign up to provide meals and snacks for classes. This is a great way to get involved with the ministry. A list of available opportunities is below.
Sign up to provide a meal
2.   Behind the Scenes—volunteer to serve with the team who sort, clean and organize incoming donations of baby clothes, maternity clothes, baby strollers, car seats,
pack n plays, etc.
Register to volunteer

Ministry wise, we continue to serve the moms, dads and children in our community. Additionally, we do outreach “pop-up events” throughout the community—sometimes in conjunction with other churches and non-profits and sometimes on our own. At all of these “touches” for the ministry, we spread the message of Jesus Christ; provide help to those in need and let people know more about the work of TPPC. It is joyful, indeed, to get the word out about what this ministry does!

Personally, it has been encouraging and restful to enjoy some family vacation time in the Smoky Mountains recently. Did you know how the Great Smokies got their name? Every day, around 4:00 p.m., a smoky blue haze settles over the mountains. It is quite beautiful, especially as the sun begins to set.

Serving with you as we continue to impact this community where God has placed us.