This is why we’re here. ❤️‍🩹

“They will help you bear the burden of the people so you do not have to bear it by yourself.”
  – Numbers: 1- 17. Verse 17

“It takes a village” is a common saying these days, but in the case of one client, it came to be true. In April Megan of our client services team had a first timer come for help after giving birth to a son. Let’s call her Amy. Amy was a single mother in need of significant support. After a few weeks with us and desiring to build a better life for herself and her baby, she decided to go to nursing school to become an LPN. Not long after she began, she found herself pregnant again. Seeing this as a derailing of her big plans, she plummeted into a very dark place. Depression ensued and with it, thoughts about aborting the baby in her belly.

Obviously, Megan encouraged against aborting her child. She immediately referred her to our Eva Women’s Clinic for a proper pregnancy test and ultrasound. Amy kept the appointment and was calmed by the kindness and care she received, but continued to have mixed emotions about whether to have the baby. After the next few weeks of meeting with her, Amy turned the corner and decided to keep her child. Thank you, Jesus!

Fast forward to 21-weeks into her pregnancy when complications arose. She ended up in the hospital and gave birth, but her pregnancy wasn’t far enough along to sustain the child. He did not survive.

Amy came back to the Center the following week very distraught but denying her grief. Enter Hope & Healing. Stefanie immediately engaged her. A few weeks later as part of her healing journey, Amy, Megan and Stefanie had a memorial service for not only her recent miscarriage, but also his brother whom Amy also miscarried several years ago. Praise the Lord, she was finally able to let go and properly grieve her lost children. She continues to meet with Megan weekly on her journey to be the best mom she can be for her one-year-old son.

Amy’s story is a wonderful example of how our ministry is able to wrap a myriad of services around our clients. From discovery, to intervention, to restoration, the Pregnancy Support Network is a one stop solution for women in crisis. We lift all we get to do every day up to our Lord Jesus Christ in thanks.