We get to see miracles every day!

Everyone is welcome here. Our ministry supports and educates all God’s children, regardless of their past and/or present indiscretions. We pour our love into our clients and patients, and just when the time is right, invite them to experience the love of Jesus Christ. Many take us up on this divine offer.

One day recently, a new client came in and shared some significant struggles. Both she and her boyfriend had lost their jobs, which caused them to lose the house they were renting. Right after that, their car broke down. Obviously, they had no funds to pay for a repair. She had heard about us, so we provided bus passes for her to be able to attend our Mom’s Group. It was there where she saw a double stroller that she really wanted. We are a “learn to earn” center meaning clients are paid in “Baby Bucks” for their participation. That day she didn’t have enough to get the stroller but lo and behold, the next day she won our weekly contest, and the stroller was hers!

The week before her aunt invited her to church. She indignantly told her aunt that she isn’t religious, indeed she thinks there are many gods and that unless a miracle happened and she could get a car for free, they couldn’t get there anyway!

Here’s where God laid His grace on them. Her boyfriend had made many applications for work with no luck. Shortly after the conversation with her aunt, Jesus showed her His love in all its glory! Her boyfriend landed a good job paying $21 per hour, and amazingly her brother came into some money and bought them a car.

She shared her story with two of our staff members who responded by saying God was showing his love and caring for her. She said but you don’t know what I have done in my life, to which they replied, we don’t, but God does, and he loves you.

“Which one of you men, if you had one hundred sheep and lost one of them, wouldn’t leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness to go after the one that is lost?”  – Luke 15:3-4

The client got tears in her eyes and said maybe so.

There are no limits or restrictions to God’s love for ALL his children. He proves it every day.

Blessings in Christ,